Your Favorite Chart Pattern

Chart pattern is an important tool to pick a stock to trade. It helps us to decide when to buy, when to sell and when not to trade. It helps us to determine where to get out with loss and where to book profit.


  • which is Your Favorite Stock Trading Pattern?
  • Which chart formation you regularly trade?
  • Which is your last pattern trading which gave you lot of money? Share the joy. Let others also enjoy.
  • Which is your last traded pattern which ended in loss? Why? Share it. Let others learn from it.
  • Any pattern formation which is of interest to others. Share your passion.
  • If you have anything regarding technical patterns, which you want the world to know about it.
  • If you have any question regarding a pattern in the chart and want an answer from others.

Want to share your
Joy, Knowledge, Views and Passion

Down here is a place to express your views and share your passion.

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