Great SIte! I need practice...

by Anthony

Great site. I'd love to read more about the psychology of candletick charting, and what makes the candles move, from a human standpoint. If you could recommend a book, that would be great. Awesome site!

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Oct 06, 2015
Good post
by: Pasquale Collins

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I really love your content.
Thank you!

Oct 03, 2015

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Jun 12, 2015
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Jun 11, 2015
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by: Agnes Johnson

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May 06, 2014
Yes It is a great site
by: Isabela Rodrigues

Yes It is a great site.

Chart patterns and psychology behind the chart patterns are very well explained. Now when ever I see a pattern on a chart I start seeing what is happening in the market. It is like seeing a market movie.

Thanks for this explanation.

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