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I am Inspired... Thank you. 
Hi GT, I also share your passion for stock market investing. It has merely remained a passion for many years now, primarily because I could not figure …

An online trader wanabe.. 
This site is a kicker!...the right place to go if you want to explore on something new and you are just clueless on what and how to do things...

K V Rao 
Hi Mr.GT I have just come across your site thru Google. I would like to compliment you for putting up such an exhaustive documentation on Stock markets …

This Site is Genuine and Sincere 
I am a young engineer and novice trader. My goal is to grow my money and supplement income, not trade as day-job (unless i became so good, i would be …

Some things are worth the effort. 
We all do it, I do it, you do it. We cruise the internet surfing hundreds if not thousands of websites on topics which we find interesting. And yet very …

Great SIte! I need practice... 
Great site. I'd love to read more about the psychology of candletick charting, and what makes the candles move, from a human standpoint. If you could recommend …

I have just come across your site and it is awesome!

The crow Not rated yet
Bearish engulfing....excellent analysis... far more insight than other candle sites...thank you

Easy to understand stock trading Not rated yet
Hi GT, The information on the trading subject you made simple, easy to understand the terminology. I am now trying to understand how to find price movements …

Superb!!!!! Very Helpful!!!! Not rated yet
I had no information on Stock Trading....But the way in which information is presented on this website is just SUPERB!!!!! Even a layman can understand …

VERY GOOD Not rated yet
excellent practicable

good Not rated yet
thanks for info nice explainations

IMPRESSIVE Not rated yet
I went through your site and I am very much impressed by your explanation about every thing, every term through example, use of true facts to make understanding …

Useful Information Not rated yet
Very useful information and nicely explained the patterns. Thanks.

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