The Adam Theory of Markets
An Introduction

'The Adam Theory of Markets or What Matters Is Profit' is a book on market symmetry, authored by J.Welles Wilder Jr. and published by Cavida Ltd in 1987.

J.Welles Wilder Jr. is a mechanical engineer from America. He formulated Average True Range (ATR), The Relative Strength Index (RSI), Directional Index, Average Directional Index (ADX) and The Parabolic SAR. These are considered as some of the very important indicators and thus they are included in most of the trading software.

By reading this book 'The Adam Theory of Markets' you will have access to a Million Dollars worth of stock trading market secret, because that is what Mr.Wilder paid to Mr.Jim Sloman, who was the discoverer of this great secret, on December 7, 1985 in Southern California.

I thank Jim Sloman for giving mind and attention to it, so that it could be discovered. And I thank Welles Wilder for making it available for all to know and learn about Adam's Theory, for just less than $65, though he paid a million dollars to get it.

Wilder says,"...I want to make this discovery available to others. It's a contribution that I feel is a privilege to be able to make." He adds, "I'm glad too that Jim Sloman will get credit for discovering Adam while he is still around to enjoy it."

What a personality it is to think like this!

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Welles Wilder admits that he had learned two important lessons from The Adam Theory of Markets. They are:

Lesson 1

  • "There is really a lot less to trading than most people think."

Lesson 2

  • "...what not to pay attention to."

This book The Adam Theory of Markets gives the answer for the question - “What is the basic principle behind succeeding in markets?” It is about the secret of what it takes to succeed in markets.

Greater a secret, the simpler it is. That is why it is missed, because it is simple.

When we overcome a challenge the ego is satisfied. When the ego rules the mind, it tends to look for the difficult and challenging issues. It neglects the issues which it considers as simple.

Mind has evolved to face and tackle challenges. That is why many times it cannot understand simple things. It will look for bigger and tougher issues.

In reality all the great achievers are those who have given full attention to simpler and smaller issues.

What does "The Adam Theory of Markets" contain?

The book “The Adam Theory of Markets” has the following chapters:

Chapter 1

  • Adam is...

Chapter 2

  • A fairy tale

Chapter 3

  • To succeed in market we must___

Chapter 4

  • There is really a lot less to trading than meets the eye

Chapter 5

  • What matters in markets? - Price

Chapter 6

  • Is versus Should

Chapter 7

  • Avoid arbitrariness

Chapter 8

  • Trading Systems

Chapter 9

  • What matters in markets? - Trend

Chapter 10

  • What is a trend?

Chapter 11

  • What is the most basic form of repetition?

Chapter 12

  • What does exact repetition leads to?

Chapter 13

  • What leads to the greatest symmetry?

Chapter 14

  • Projecting the second reflection

Chapter 15

  • Constructing the second reflection chart the easy way

Chapter 16

  • What does the prediction contain?

Chapter 17

  • Which markets to trade?

Chapter 18

  • Review of market selection

Chapter 19

  • How about tops and bottoms?

Chapter 20

  • The most important statement about markets

Chapter 21

  • Let your profits run

Chapter 22

  • What if we get stopped out?

Chapter 23

  • Discipline

Chapter 24

  • Review of Adam Theory

Chapter 25

  • When do we enter a trade?

Chapter 26

  • Market example - Cotton

Chapter 27

  • Recap of first example

Chapter 28

  • The ten trading rules

Chapter 29

  • The ten rules expanded

Chapter 30

  • Market example - Eastman Kodak

Chapter 31

  • Market example - Coffee

Chapter 32

  • Visualization

Chapter 33

  • The playful commodity trader


What is Adam?

Adam is . . . about making profits trading any freely traded markets, anywhere in the world. Adam presents a special way to look at markets and an even more special way to trade markets.

But Adam is more than that. Adam is the market's own, non-arbitrary, projection of the most probable course it will move in the future continously updated with every time frame.

Using The Adam Theory of Markets, the trader is able to project and actually see that course. Then if he is interested he can take that trade. Adam is applicable to any time frame... a daily chart, a weekly chart, an hourly chart or even a five minute chart.

Adam is a visual thing. No mathematics are ever involved.

Adam Theory shows why many of the concepts that traders hold dear are doomed to failure. When you have read Adam Theory, you will never see markets in the same way again.

Adam is a bottom line kind of thing. It's about what works only. It may seem that it's not fancy enough or complicated enough, but that is a function of what it is about. It happens to be exceedingly simple, not nearly complicated enough to be impressive.

But, if we think about it, we're really only interested in one thing: What works?

What matters in market is profit. Everything else is perhaps interesting, but not important.

I suggest you read this book “The Adam Theory of Markets.”

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The other books of J.Welles Wilder Jr. are:

The Adam's Theory is about market's inner symmetry
The Delta Theory is about market's outer symmetry.

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