The Delta Phenomenon
An Introduction

'The Delta Phenomenon or The Hidden Order In All Markets” is a book on market symmetry, authored by J.Welles Wilder Jr. and published by The Delta Society International in 1991.

J.Welles Wilder Jr. is a mechanical engineer from America. He formulated Average True Range (ATR), The Relative Strength Index (RSI), Directional Index, Average Directional Index (ADX) and The Parabolic SAR. These are considered as some of the very important indicators and thus they are included in most of the trading software.

By reading this book 'The Delta Phenomenon' you will have access to a Million Dollars worth of stock trading market secret, because that is what Mr.Wilder paid to Mr.Jim Sloman, who was the discoverer of this great secret, on December 7, 1985 in Southern California.

  • I thank Jim Sloman for giving mind and attention to it, so that it could be discovered.
  • And I thank Welles Wilder for making it available for all to know and learn about The Delta Phenomenon, for just less than $175, though he paid a million dollars to get it.

Wilder says,"I never thought, even in my wildest dreams, that I would ever write this book (The Delta Phenomenon: or The Hidden Order in All Markets) . . .much less publish it. However, an almost unnoticed ad in a national newspaper in the summer of 1990 started a chain of events that resulted in the publication of this book.”

When it is time and in need, knowledge trickles down from providence, through some blessed people, whether they want or not.

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The Hidden Order in All Markets

There is perfect order behind the markets . . . it makes no difference whether the markets are stocks, commodities or any other freely traded markets. This perfect order is the basis of all markets.

All markets are predictable . . . not just the next intermediate swing or major swing, but all future major and intermediate swings.

How can anyone predict future turns of the market? Is it possible? Can any one do it?

Yes! Any one can predict the future turns of any market. Just read the book, understand it and apply. You can also predict the future turns of your market!

What does this book contain?

The book “The Delta Phenomenon: or The Hidden Order in All Markets” has the following Parts:

Part I

  • The Delta Phenomenon

Part II

  • The Moment of Truth

Part III

  • Intermediate Term Delta (ITD)

Part IV

  • The Family Groups

Part V

  • Medium Term Delta (MTD)

Part VI

  • Long Term Delta (LTD)

Part VII

  • Super Long Term Delta (SLTD)


  • Short Term Delta

Part IX

  • Trading the Delta Turning Points

Part X

  • Solving For Delta

What is The Delta Phenomenon?

Delta is hidden symmetry of the market.

In Welles Wilder's words . . .”Although Delta is not a "trading system" as such, it is the ideal tool for every trader. It doesn't matter if one is a chart trader, a systems trader, or a fundamental trader, Delta will become the basis for your decision making.”

“Delta is not based on support and resistance lines or areas of congestion. It is not based on trend lines, fan lines, degree lines or geometric angles. It is not based on trend identifiers, momentum studies, moving averages or oscillators, whether simple or complex. It is not based on Fibonacci numbers oe golden section or mean. It is not based on supply and demand studies or buying and selling power. It is not related in any way to the work of Gann or Elliot or any of the "old market masters." In fact, what I am saying can be said quite simply, Delta is not based on anything whatsoever now known in the commodity world.”

“What am I talking about then? Stated in the plainest way possible, Delta is a revolutionary discovery concerning the underlying nature of all markets. It is indeed a door to something entirely new and a diagnosis of all markets. You see, far from being based upon any of the things above, it is just the other way around. Ultimately, they are all based upon it, because Delta is the underlying basis of market movement. That is why I call this discovery revolutionary. . .”

Mr Wilder writes, “. . .I am going to tell you that all markets are predictable. . .not just the next intermediate swing or major swing, but all future major and intermediate swings. I have calculated all intermediate and major tops and bottoms through the year 2000 for all COMMODITIES, STOCK INDICES, FINANCIALS and CURRENCES. . .”

“It's hard to believe, but it is truth. Pick a year . . .then pick a commodity . . .for example, T-Bills 1994. I can chart intermediate turning point and every major turning point that T-Bills will make in 1994. Or better yet, pick a date . . .any date . . .say March 22, 1988. I can punch that date into my Apple on IBM Computer and immediately obtain a hard-copy print-out of the previous intemediate turning point, the next intemediate turning point and the following intermediate turning point . . .for every commodity . . .or for any portfolio I choose.”

This is what Jim Sloman said to Welles Wilder after he finished work on Long Term Delta chart, "Welles, it's like having a map out into the future. What an incredible advantage to those who have it."

I cannot write anything on the contents on the book, because it is patented.

I suggest you read this book “The Delta Phenomenon: or The Hidden Order in All Markets .”

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The Hidden Order in All Markets

The other books of J.Welles Wilder Jr. are:

Adam's Theory is about market's inner symmetry
The Delta Phenomenon is about market's outer symmetry.

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