Thomas N Bulkowski

Who is Thomas N Bulkowski?

Thomas N Bulkowski is recognized by many as one of the world's leading authorities on chart patterns. He is a successful investor and trader with over thirty years of experience trading stocks.

Thomas N Bulkowski is a graduate from Syracuse University with an engineering degree. He started his professional career soon after graduation switched many companies for better opportunity. At last he found a company and he thought he could spend his life serving that company.

But after ten and half years of service he was removed from the job. He was 36 years of age then. Before quitting his day job he had served as a hardware design engineer at Raytheon, a senior software engineer for Tandy Corporation, and a software manager for Tracor-Westronics.

Thomas N Bulkowski started investing in stocks early in his life. He would make elaborate study of stocks by fundamental analysis and invest. He was making good profit in the beginning. His account was growing in leaps and bounds. But later he noticed that his investments were going no where for years. Or still worse the price tumbled down immediately after purchase of stocks. Many times he would sell stocks early leaving behind lot of profit on the table.

All this directed his interest towards technical analysis. More and more he studied charts, his respect for technical analysis grew more and more. Although the fundamentals were still unchanged the charts were clearly showing weakness and signs of change in the trend. Charts were showing something which numbers were not revealing.

So he dived deeper in to technical analysis. After studying many books he noticed that most of the statistics relating to chart patterns were vague. For example he observed the statement 'A head and shoulder formation works most of the time' in many books. What does that mean? Does it mean that they are successful 51% of the time or 90% of the time? No book had the answer.

As an engineer Thomas N. Bulkowski wanted hard, cold facts, not fuzzy platitudes. So he researched thousands of charts of 500 stocks and indexes for a period of five years. Then he came out with clear cut, hard, facts. Then he wrote this book 'Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns'. 

Thomas N.Bulkowski writes: I cannot give you the experience needed to make money in the stock market using chart patterns. I can only give you the tools and say, “Go to work on paper first.” That is the first step in developing a trading style that works for you, one you are comfortable with, one that improves as you do. If you review your paper trades, you will understand why a stop-loss order is more than a tool for the professionals. You will improve your ability to predict support and resistance levels that will, in turn, allow you to tighten your stops and get out near the top, cut your losses short, and let your profits run. You will understand why the statistics in this book are useful for comparison purposes, but your trading results may fall short. You may discover that your girlfriend loves diamonds, but as a chart pattern, they are a lousy investment.

One word says it all. Experience.

What are the books written by Thomas N.Bulkowski?

Thomas N.Bulkowski has authored the following books:

His best selling books have been translated into multiple languages. Over one hundred of his articles have been published in Active Trader; Stocks, Futures and Options; The Technical Analyst; Traders'; The Trader's Journal and Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazines.

Thomas N Bulkowski was the president of the Keller Writers' Association, vice president of membership and later treasurer of the Keller Chamber of Commerce, chairman of the Keller Parks and Recreation board, president of Keep Keller Beautiful, vice president of the Friends of the Keller Library and charter member of the Keller Writers' Association. He also authored the Keller Recycling Task Force report and Park System Study for the City of Keller.

In his spare time, he likes to wander around his back yard looking for toads, spiders, snakes, and other inhabitants and then photograph them, occasionally play guitar while watching birds visit the bath or feeder, putter around in his garden, read and write fiction, and sneak up on his dog. 

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