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Welcome to the world of Stock Trading.

90% of those who start trading in stocks, close their business in a year, because they loose their capital... 

...But you need not!

I had lost money, but I did not stop learning. I fixed my faults and became a successful trader.

Everyone has two personalities. If you are ready to kill your failure self, I am ready to revive your successful self. After all reviving people of their diseases is my other profession for the last 30 years.

"Oh God! What's wrong with me? I know so much. But, still why am I loosing?" -- Are you muttering? Well you remind me of my mental status, several years ago. You are not the only one. And that becomes your past in the future, If you put in enough effort now. So cheer up.

Starting a small business in trading stocks is relatively easy, but you should learn the art and science of risk management which is vital. Take care to protect your hard earned money and prepare to make consistent profits.

Online Share Trading is the best home based business and the best internet business. By starting a home business you can earn money online, but you got to follow certain business ethics and business etiquette.

I feel thrilled to see some one become successful. Please, come on thrill me!

Your inclination to know more, learn more and become more, makes you a worthy person for me to share my decades of knowledge bank.

  • If you are a novice learning from zero…
  • If you know something and want to expand your knowledge horizon…
  • If you know quiet a lot & still not profiting from stock trading…
  • If you are a veteran hungry for more…

  • Yes all of you will get what you want.


                     Start from Stock Market Basics.

Stock trading needs learning, personality development, psychological training and real transformation in your outlook. Make yourself thorough with stock market basics. Learn fundamental analysis and technical analysis. With good trading systems and strategies along with the use of good software you can excel as an outstanding trader.

At the end of your journey with me, if you become a successful trader and create your wealth of money, knowledge, comforts, satisfaction of achievement, etc;

Then… I am honored and blessed.

Stock Trading is...

  • Fun,
    Stock trading is real fun watching prices move up and down between supports and resistance.
  • Game,
    Stock trading is real game chasing the price from entry point to exit point.
  • Adventure,
    Stock trading is real adventure to climb up the hillocks of wave 3 or wave 4.
  • Intellectual,
    Stock trading is intellectual. Learn, trade, earn. Keep on learning, keep on trading, keep on earning. And it continues…
  • Boring,
    Stock trading is real boring! Only one third of the time stock prices go up or down. Two thirds of the time you cross your arms and legs and stay where you are.
  • Spiritual,
    Stock trading is spiritual. Stock market is like God or Providence. It has got its own mood and flow. Be with it. You will be rewarded. Any move against it, you feel sorry.

Successful trading cannot be taught

But it can be learnt. Like you learned cycle balancing, dancing, swimming or meditating. Concentrate on learning like 'Ekalavya'.

Success, health, wealth, knowledge, relation – Every thing is a form of energy. Everything resonates in its own frequency. You attract them towards you when you are in sync with providence. Have a creative mind set, which is always a win win proposition. Come out of competitive mind set, which is always a win loose proposition.

Best way to use this site

Every page in this site is a piece of stock trading puzzle. Putting it all together is as much of an art as it is science. Knowing any one area and assuming, that we know all, is like 'blinds seeing an elephant'.

Good foundation supports any small or very big structure. If you want to build bigger and better building, get the foundation strong and scientific. Then keep adding floor after floor. To build a strong stock trading business start with stock market basics.

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Tomorrow's market is not just unknown,
it is unknowable.

It is easy to become rich in Stock Market.
It is much more easier to go broke.

The stock market is forever evolving
it is Dynamic.
Because of its complexity,
a stock trader is Always a Student,
Never a Master.