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90% of those who start trading in stocks, close their business in a year, because they loose their capital...

...But you need not!

This website is meant to help you understand, learn and practice stock trading – whether it be Day Trading or Swing Trading, Short Term Investing or Long Term investing, Candlestick Charting or any other charting, Candlestick Patterns or Chart Patterns, Online Trading or Offline Trading, Shares, Futures or Options.

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Are you a beginner in Stock Trading?

Then click here to start at Stock Market Basics. Click on all the links on this page and all the links on the pages that open. Read and learn. Understand the pros and cons of trading in share market.

Master the basics to master the stock trading game. Lay the solid foundation on which you build your business of trading in stock market.

Trade Chart Patterns for better success

In technical analysis, chart patterns play a major role in making trading decisions. They are the EEG of the combined brain waves of all the traders. Chart Patterns tells us how that combined mind is thinking.

There is a saying that amateurs create the stage for the professionals to play rocking dance. Major portion of the majority of patterns are created by the amateurs. When the right time comes, professionals enter and take the prices further. This is expressed by the hesitancy seen in the formation of patterns and decisive movements seen after the completion of the patterns.

Taking trades based on these patterns have statistically proved profitable over a period of time.

Click here to master Chart Patterns.

Explore Candlestick Patterns

Candlestick charts pictorially illustrate demand and supply, which is the force behind any price movement. Technical analysis basically study the price movement.

Candlestick patterns not only display the absolute values of the open, high, low, and closing price for a given time period, but they also indicate trend continuation and trend reversal more clearly and more precisely.

Click here to master Candlestick Patterns.

Master Technical Indicators

Technical Indicators are the mathematical derivatives of price and volume. Some of them are derived from other indicators.

They show us the direction of the market and indicate us when to buy or sell, when to book profit and importantly when not to do anything.

Master a few indicators and use them diligently to become a successful trader.

Click here to master Technical Indicators.

Study Books on Trading

Books on trading are the knowledge banks and an important tool in your share trading career.

All the stock market masters have consolidated their knowledge, with great love for the success of someone who wants to traverse the path that they have traveled with lots of ups and downs.

But they want to smoothen the path to the oncoming traveler by leaving behind the correct map to the treasure. All are invited to follow the correct map.

If you want to develop just one habit for your life time, then develop the habit of reading the books.

Keep reading and keep on reading books about the subject which your heart desires.

If you are seriously interested in becoming a progressively evolving successful trader, read Stock Trading Books.

Click here to read reviews on a few Stock Market Books.

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