Getting Started In Value Investing

An Introduction

'Getting Started In Value Investing' is a book written by Charles S.Mizrahi in 2007. This is a very simple but highly informative book on Value Investing.

Charles S. Mizrahi is Managing Partner of CGM Partners LP. He is also Editor of Hidden Values Alert, a monthly newsletter focused on value investing. Mizrahi has more than twenty years of investment experience and is frequently quoted in the press. Many of his articles appear online at as well as on other financial sites.

While there are many ways to make money in today's markets, only one strategy has consistently proven itself over time - value investing.

Now, with Getting Started in Value Investing, author and veteran money manager Charles Mizrahi breaks down this successful strategy so that you can learn how to effectively incorporate it into your own investment activities.

Written in a straightforward and accessible style, Getting Started in Value Investing offers you clear insights on this profitable approach. Step by step, it will:

  • Examine the importance of picking businesses that have an enduring competitive advantage
  • Discuss the difference between price and value, and how to determine exactly what to pay for a stock
  • Provide non-technical explanations of a company's financial statements and how to read them

Investing isn't hard, but it does take some work. With Getting Started in Value Investing as your guide, you'll quickly discover how to cut through the noise surrounding today's markets and enhance the overall performance of your portfolio.

Lets suppose you are getting half gallon of milk for $1.49 from a vendor next to your door.

If the same milk is available for $4.99 at a super market, will you buy it?

Of course, the answer is a big NO.

If it is available for $0.79, will you buy it?

If it is so probably you will buy three.

It is as simple as this: Make a purchase only when you get more value for your money, or keep walking.

From Inside the book Getting Started in Value Investing

Wall street has a way of making something simple seem extremely complex. Like the Wizard of Oz, Wall Street has done a terrific job complicating, confusing, and intimidating, so that people with average intelligence feel rather stupid. Many times Wall Street does one thing and tells investors to do the exact opposite especially when it comes to investing their nest eggs in mutual funds. A mutual fund's marketing department preaches buying shares and holding them for decades, yet the portfolio managers of those very same funds hold them in the portfolio only an average of nine months.

Getting Started in Value Investing cuts through all the obstacles that have been placed in your path for making sound investment decisions. After reading this book, you will have firm grasp on how to make an informed decision on what types of stocks to buy, and, more importantly, what to avoid. You will also have a solid foundation with an approach that has worked on Wall Street for the past 70 years. How well you do will depend on how successful you are at keeping your emotions in check and avoiding latest fads on Wall Street.

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What does this book contain?

The book has the following chapters:


  • Value Really Means Something

Chapter 1

  • The 5 Misconceptions of Value Investing

Chapter 2

  • The Basics of Value Investing: A Few Things You Must Know

Chapter 3

  • Market Caveats: Lessons from the Past

Chapter 4

  • Are Great Companies Great Inveatments
  • Stick with the Champs

Chapter 5

  • Who's in Charge? Management Counts:
  • Getting Comfortable with Management

Chapter 6

  • Competition: Threat or Opportunity?
  • The Enduring Competitive Advantage

Chapter 7

  • The Essential Valuation Variables that Really Count:
  • Financial Statement Basics

Chapter 8

  • The Essential Operating Variables that Really Count:
  • Bringing the Numbers to Life

Chapter 9

  • The Price of Stock versus the Value of the Company

Chapter 10

  • Your Own Worst Enemy

Chapter 11

  • My Final Words of Value

Recomended Reading and Resources

Stocks are simple. All you do is buy shares in a great business for less than the business is intrinsically worth, with managers of the highest integrity and ability. Then you own those shares for ever.

—Warren Buffet


  • "Beginning investors will find all the ABCs of success in Getting Started in Value Investing. Seasoned investors will want to keep it close by as their reference manual. You can't say enough about Charles Mizrahi's strategy of studying companies and buying them at good prices. It pays off handsomely."
    —Timothy Vick, Senior Portfolio Manager, The Sanibel Captiva Trust Co., author, How to Pick Stocks Like Warren Buffett

  • "A marvelous introduction to value investing filled with anecdotes about the subject and the people behind the investment headlines. A delightful and practical read."
    —Donald A. Yacktman, Portfolio Manager, The Yacktman Funds, Morningstar Portfolio Manager of the Year-1991

  • "Charles Mizrahi knows how to take the most boring stocks in the world, dress them up with his strategy, and turn them into stock market super stars."—James Altucher, author, Trade Like a Hedge Fund, Managing Director, Formula Capital

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